zaterdag 9 augustus 2014

Gallery Standout

Hello all , 

So here whe are with the gallery standouts from yesterday 
i had made already a list of pages i loved 
So i only had to post them today  .

I'm Such a nerd - NellahBean
I love the colors on this page they are so fun and bright 
i also love the composition from the photo,s and the silly selfie's

Fave nerds - Nikkie epperson
I love all the little word arts and titles they are so fun 
and playfull i also love the little clusters 

Eat more cake - Haydensmommy2117
Ohh men those photo's are so cute i had to put this layout in it reminds me to the times
my own boy whas just a little babby and whas eating his first cake
i also love the little clusters

Daddy and i forever - misslovescraps 
i love the photo threatment and the use of paint 
i also love the uniek style of the pages .

I mustache you a quistion - Jacinda
I love the diffrent colors in the journaling and the little 
cluster at the bottum of the page 

Bean turns 5 - kristalund
 I always love the project life pages from kristalund but i also 
love the fun in the photo's here and how they are match with the colors of the kit 
i love the elements she used 

This whas it for yesterdays gallery standouts 
i hope i can be back later tonight with the ones from today

xoxo Melanie 

New from the Designers i ct for

Hello all , 

It is saterday all ready time flies ! So Saterday is new releasse day 
and the designers i ct for dit a awesome job ones again !
They have lot of new things coming out this week .
But first i have a little annoucment i have a new designer i gonne ct for 
Digilicious designs and i am so happy about that !!

So today i start with the new releasse from Traci Reed 
She has got 2 new releasses this week 

And ofcourse i made a layout with the kit for this layout i used a template of fiddle-dee-dee designs

So now where going furder with shawna clingerman 
She even has 3 new products this week yes you see it write 3 awesome new products
So let's start with the 2 template sets she has one with circles and one with hexagons 

Here is the layout i made with the circle template and 
Keep calm by kristin cronin barrow kit

Beside the templates she has team up with the awesome ru from studio basic designs 
and made this wonderfull kit 

And here is the page i made with this wonderfull kit .
And that brings me directly to the next new releasse this week . this time from the awesome litlle green frogg designs i adore her templates and be so happy that i am on her ct team. For the layout above i have used her new releasse revolve template

She has also got a nother set releassed this week . 
I have not scrapped with it yet but it will deffintly happen soon

So next on the list is the new designer i ct for digilicious designs she has so many new releasses this week
i decided to just show 2 out of the 5 she has my favorite 2 
I love the cute animals in this kit i had no time yet to scrap with it but i am sure i gonne scrap a few pages with it within the next weeks .

And the second one 

With this one and the hexagon template from shawna i dit make a layout here it is 

So and now for the last releasse this week from the designers i ct for 
whe go to flergs she has also a summer themed kit out 
and i love the bright colors

And here is the page i made with it using a template from cindy schneider

so and that whas it for the new releasses this week
enjoy your day 

xoxo Melanie

vrijdag 8 augustus 2014

Gallery Standouts

Goodmorning !!

How are you all doing ! here it is weekend today and the first week 
of my vacation is almost coming to the end !
whe went to the zoo a amusement parc whe dit a bbq with our mothers 
and went shopping all kind of fun things .
Well the gallery's are crowing like crazy with awesome and wonderfull layouts
i always find it so hard to just pick a few of time !

Cute and nerdy by Michellerv

I love the way she extract the photo and made a sticker of it ... the little arrow pointing to the photo is just the finishing tought of the page i also like the background with the rainbow on it .

Diva a palooza by lraewoo

This layout is so much fun i love the photo lines with all the diffrent diving photo,s and the big one is hillarious 
i love them all and it is combinate so well with the kit the little clusters she made etc .

In the blink of a eye by fruitysuet

I love the title and the journaling on this page i also love the 2 small clusters and the old photo's
this page is just so cute and adorble . 

Swinging by Lorij

I love the way she combinate all the pattern papers they all suit very well together and the photo's are full of fun i like it !

happiness by holyxann

I love the word art and the background paper with the flowers and ofcourse the adorable photo of them toghether with the little cluster

So that whas it for today 
i hope you all had fun looking at today gso pages 
i will be back with some more post this weekend 

- ct news 
- Product highlight 
- shadowbox challange layouts
- gallery standout 

and at the beginning of next week i have my very first Scrapper highlight post 

xoxox melanie 

woensdag 6 augustus 2014

Gallery Standouts

So here whe go again ! Gallery standouts 

Sam&Gavin by Marlathrall

I so love the use of paint and scatters in this layout it is perfectly placed
i also love the clusters and the stacked papers .

Like a fish by Natascha 

I love all the clusters on this page ! especially the one with the word art and the snowclob with the boot in it ! i also love the title work awesome layout

Princes by Chocochoco

i love the way the princes is made out of papers and elements and the little bit of color paint behind the princess is just that little finishing toughts 

Imagination Lives Here by icajovita

I love the colors on this page in combination with the black and white photo and her clustering skills are awesome just a gorgious page 

Love you so by nikki epperson

I just love the stacking and the photo's she has used 

So that whas it for today tomorrow i will be back with more

xoxox Melanie

Sweetshoppe shadowbox challange

Hello all , 

So i try to play the challanges everyday at sweetshoppe !
at least one of them here are the layouts i have made so far .

Augustus 1
Be by Shawna Clingerman 
Template by cindy schneider

Template by Cindy Schneider
scrapkit let it go collection by studio flergs

Augustus 2

Better toghether by studio flergs and amber shaw 
Template by cindy schneider

Augustus 3

Studio basic - lets talk about it (buttond word me )
Studio basic - addiction buttons
Studio basic - go artsy papers 2
Studio basic - esentials everyday 
Studio basic - go to elements
Studio basic - Adorable you

Kristin cronin barrow - Go Wild 
Template by cindy schneider

Augustus 4

Sailaway by studio flergs
started with a template from fiddle dee dee designs
but altered it

Augustus 5

Cook eat love - from studio basic 
monsters in your head - from studio basic 
addiction - from studio basic 
lets talk about it - from studio basic 
i heart flair - from studio basic 
musthave freebie - from studio basic 
go to elements - from studio basic 
all about the memories - from studio basic
Diffrent paper - packs from studio basic
All in the familly - from studio basic 
Live life 24/7 by brooke magee and studio basic
brothers and sisters by studio basic

live life 24/7 by brooke magee and studio basic

I hope you all got some inspiration now and wish you all 
a happy scrapbook day !

XOXO Melanie 

maandag 4 augustus 2014

Gallery Stand Outs !!!

Wow time flies when you have a holiday break 
Saterday my mother in law whas here for a little viset 
and with my mother her and my sister in law whe had a nice dinner
sunday whas all about familly !! And today whe went to the zoo 
i love the zoo whe have seen monkey elephants and so many more 
awesome animals . it whas a great day but well now i am so far behind 
with all the awesome layouts in the gallery's i think this is gonne be a very full 
blogpost !!

I gonne pick them all out of the summer challange gallery at sweetshoppe 
i love there summer challange 2 challanges a day you can choose how many you make
and you can win awesome prices !!

Anchor - by breaking bee 
On this page i really love the placement of the photo's the big one 
in the middle is really popping out ! 

I see by emmyxlou
I love the awesome cluster on this page around the photo 
i also love the little words in white all over the page
and the torn photo it is just a awesome page 

Beach by Shawna clingerman
I always love to see a page made by a designer this page of shawna is awesome 
so simple but just adorable i love all the photo's and the border on the top with the little stitching 
and the way the c from beach is haging a bit out of line

I love you just the way you are by nellahbean
I love how she has stacked all those buttons toghether to make a rainbow 
of colors on the page and then just at that little journaling card in the middle 

Stress by brittanyjean 
I love the way she has faded away a piece in the background paper and at a journaling paper in it 
also is her clustering skill pretty awesome i just love it 

Ballerina by Sastampink 
Ofcourse the photo's from the little balerina girl are to cute but i also love the simplicity of this page everything is perfect lined i love it 

So i think i gonne keep it by these awesome layouts for today 
because i need my challange layouts for today ! Tomorrow whe are going to 
bobijaanland in belgium so i don't know if i have time to 
post some more awesome layouts tomorrow but i gonne 
try i promisse

xoxo melanie 

vrijdag 1 augustus 2014

CT Stuff !! 08-01-2014

Hello all , 

Wow awesome stuff is coming this week ! But first i wanne ask you all 
dit you notice sweetshoppe has a awesome challange in the month of aug ??
It is named the shadowbox challange , you get a challange every day you can even choose out of 2 challanges . You can earn pieces of a free kit and collect points for other great prices .
You can not miss this !!

So now on to the releasses from the awesome designers i ct for 
Traci Reed has her awesome Pocket life augustus coming out 
i will work on my pages with it tomorrow i always make so many with the pocket life collection
so i saved that one for the last this week

These are just 2 pieces out of the awesome collection she has 
all kind of diffrent journaling cards - washi tape - alpha's
stickers - elements and papers .

So now on to studio flergs !
She has 2 collections coming out this week 
one is with the awesome ru from studio basic designs and named partners in crime 

They also have some add ons 
scatters - paint and journaling cards all awesome 
ofcourse i scrapped a page with it here it is 

She also has a awesome solo collection this week 
It is named let it go and it is use and so useble in many diffrence ways 

So i made to pages with it one just for one 
and one for the first shadow box challange day 

And last but not least shawna has a awesome new kit coming out 
i love all the purple and green in it ! it is named be 

And here is the page i made with it ,
it is also a page for day one of the shadow box challange 

So that is it for this week
it is the first day of my vacation so let's celebrate !!

xoxo Melanie