zondag 27 juli 2014

Gallery Standouts 07-27-2014

Hello all , 

Pff feeling hot today i think it is time to go on a little swimming trip 
with my boyfriend and son to cool a bit down before the rain 
is coming down later today .

So Here are the gallery standout pages from today 

Natascha - love happy days like this 
I love the black background on this layout in combination 
with all the color full elements she has used and the colorfull 
title work . i also love that it looks like the photos are tellling 
a story . 

Escape by Two Tiny Turtles 
I love this layout from simone it is full of color and i don't know where to look everytime i look at the page 
i see more little details . i love all the little clusters . The word arts she used the stamps it is just all in the 
little details . 

African  pingquins by livybug 
I love the photos from the pinquins but i also love all the blue on the pages it makes that the photo,s really stand out . i also love the big title work and all the small clusters a awesome page 

July#4 by joelsgirl
It is not a secret i love project life pages i combinate pl and normale pages all the time 
when i saw this project life page in the gallery i had to look closer at it . i love the colors she has used and that it is so clean and simple i also love all the journaling on it 

A futere so bright by conny 
I love all the fun and bright colors in combination with the black and white photos 
it is a awesome page !

queen bee by Gloria 
I Love the artsy feeling of this page by Gloria it is awesome 

Wonderfull summer nights by mrphoto
Those photos are awesome i love how she placed the title and journaling it is in a a awesome 
flow with the page i love the use of the soft colors and the placement of the elements fantastic page 

So that whas it for today have i hope this pages will inspire you !

XoXo Melanie 

vrijdag 25 juli 2014

What's new from the Designers i ct for 07-25-2014

Hello all , 

Here i am today with the first post about the awesome designers i ct for , I have them listed in the sidebar of the blog so everyone can see when i promote a designer i ct for !
I much tell you first i have the best designers to ct for they are all so sweet and kindly 
And they almost releasse one or more awesome packs each week . 

So Studio Flergs has 2 releasses this week ! one re-releasse and one new scoop 
This week i had not much scrapping time so i skipped this 2 kits . but i have planned to make a layout 
with the veggie one upcoming week . when i went to the dieetiste for my psd and now what veggie's i need to eat so i can make it a journale page about the futere

Shawna clingerman has a scoop with the awesome libby named Sibling Rivalry 

Here is the page i made with it !
I used a template of little green frogg 

Little green frogg has a awesome new template set Dividing Line

Here is my page with it :) 

Let's do Coffeee by Meghan Mullens And Traci Reed 
is one of traci,s new releasses this week
i love that you can use it even when you don't drink coffee

Here is mine page with it :)
I have used a template from Cindy Shneider

A Futere so Bright is her second scoop this week with julianna kneipp 
it is full of bright colors i love it !

And here is my page with it :)
I used a template from Two tiny turtles

donderdag 24 juli 2014

Gallery Standout 07-24-2014

Hello all ,

So today whas a long day at work ! but here i am to show you some awesome 
layouts i found in the gallery's today !
I am still a bit blowing away by all the ceremonies here in the netherlands about flight mh17 
my english is very bad so i stole a tekst from lili to explain what whe 
where feeling the last to days 

Extraordinary images of crash victims being received with dignity in the Netherlands. Thousands line the highway to bear witness.

Flags were flown at half-staff, and the nation's iconic windmills were placed in "mourning position" -- wings tilted to the right.

Cars stopped to give way at the highway when they were heading towards the destination.. on the other side of the road, cars just stopped to have that one moment to pay their respect..People stood by the roadside in silence paying their respect.. 

Such a heart breaking scene!!

Let's start with thinking by sparkysgirl 
The photo's off the little man are adorble i love the title work 
the title is so cathing the moment of the photo's I also love the combination 
from the black with the white just a very sweet layout .


Week 25 2014 by Nellahbean 
Ooooh i am so in love with this layout it first cartch my eye because of the M&M cake it is so gorgious
they always named me and my boyfriend M&M so i would love to have a wedding cake like this when whe every decide to be married ,then my eye saw the little bit of angle diffrence on all the pockets and i think that is very speciale i also love the awesome little cluster and all the journaling


By Anja de Dobbelaere
The word art on this layout says it all i love this page 
it is dark but has a very clear messages

Today i have only 3 layouts but tomorrow i will be back with a nother gso post
and a ct post !

So see you tomorrow

dinsdag 22 juli 2014

Gallery Standouts 07-23-2014

Hello all , 

Today a early morning post with some awesome layouts i found in the gallery !
I have a late night at work so when i am back home i have no time to post it :)
Friday i will be here with my first ct post i can not wait to show you there goodie's 
from this week .
Today in the Netherlands whe have a day of crieve for the ones that have passed away 
on flight MH17 

Layout by Gloria 
I love this layout from gloria because of the photothreatment and her awesome clusters
also look at all the little details like buttons and scatters she has used 

Layout by motherbear 
I love this layout by motherbear it is so fun and artsy i love the stitches at the borders 
and the way she placed the title it is just a very cute page

Page by alinalove
I am so in love with all the little details on this page . and they way she dit her journaling i can not stop looking at the page i found something new everytime .

Grow - by kristalund
I love all the sweet photo,s of her little girl and i love that she has choosed to let them black and white and make the page in color . i also love the clusters behind the photos

My gardening guys - by leeandra 
when i whas looking for todays gallery stand outs i stopt by this page twice on diffrent sites to look at it , so i thought if it catch my eyes 2 times i need to include it ,i love the big journaling and the colors it is just a awesome page . 

Gallery standouts 22 july

Hello all , 

So here i am again , i am back from the docter again they think i have a irritable bowel syndrome 
so well i will have stomick pains my whole life but i can cat them under controle with meds and chaging my life style ! So now running , work out and eat healty is no longer a wish it is a much to get off from the pain
so you guy,s will se me change over the next months :) in a healthy and fit women 

But for now on to the pages that catch my eye today in the gallery,s 

You are perfect - by just a girl
Look at all the diffrent faces on the photos you see the little boy is having so much fun 
doing all the little expresions i love the way she arragent the photo,s and use some paint and elements to 
let the page shine 

*eil young band *- by pne123
I always have trouble to fill a entire page ! pne dit it on just such a awesome way i love the way see have used the papers to make a little blog pattern on the left side and how it looks like a wall full of photo frames 
i also love the title on the right side !

So proud of the man you become - by amymarieschn
I love this project life style page because of the little facebook mesagges that are used in the pockets 
and that see never used a full photo pocket but just made little frames for the photos it is such a inspiring page !

So Sweet - by Kjersti 
I think i am in full pages modes today i really love this one because off all the little clusters i just can keep looking at all those little clusters

Be Free - by ttt83
Well i much confess i am always been a big fan off all pages simone create's and not only her pages but she makes awesome pictures of her little boy's they are just adoroble and the photothreatments are always amase me ! this page i love because of the shadows she used 

So that whas it for today !
If you see a page you think is awesome you can always send me email 
so i can look at it Jumbbumble@gmail.com

Enjoy your day !

maandag 21 juli 2014

Products in the spotlight

Helllo all , 

Todat whas not a good day for me ! i got home from work totally in pain 
my intestings where gaving trouble again ! so when i thought it whas all over the road 
begins ones again . i have pain medication and hope i feel better very soon

So here are some products that had catch my eye this week 
in the stores !

First one is 365: Unsubscribe stitched grids 7 by traci reed 
I have all of the templates in this serie and they are perfect to make your project life
pages with ! i use them over and over again . i love that they have both black and white stitches 

Great outdoors escape by Kristin croning barrow 
I love all the little pieces of word art in this kit from kristin , the little flowers and the wood pieces
and i think the colors are perfect for your summer photo,s !

Mess it up from little butterfly wings 
I love this little brushes they are perfect to finish up any art journaling page !
i love the little word arts in it 

Its a color full life digistamps by sugar plum paperie 
These stamps you can use every where on your project life pages color them in any way you want to match the kits your are using 

So that whas it for today keeping it short because of the pain 
xoxo Melanie 

zondag 20 juli 2014

Gallery Standout 20 juli !

Hello all , 

Yes you see it right i am back with my blog all about scrapbooking !
Scrapbooking is a passion for more then 10 years now . I love it so much , the way you can make your photo's stand out and give them a personale note is awesome . 

So i thought about what to start my new blog with 
and then it popt in my head i wanne highlight some layouts 
from the best scrappers around digiland . 
I gonne try to post at least 3 gallery stand out messages a week 
but i have also a personale life and things can come in between 

So here are some awesome layouts i found around digiland this week .

I am totally in love with this layout from emmy 
She is a awesome scrapper she can make such a cool 
clusters and i love that see used so many bright colors on 
this page and that she has made full use of the entire page 

So the next page is from gloria i always love here uniek style 
but this page stand out for me because of the awesome cluster in 
one corner and how she incoperate the word arts in the layout 

I love this page from aly321 i never had seen her around before 
but the photo's of the adorable girl popt really out of the gallery 
and i love how the photos are matching the colors of the layout 

Ooooh i love project life pages and think they need to be highlited more on other blogs and gallery stand out kinda things ! I love this one from cornelia her kids are adorable but i love the clean and simple style off her project life pages i always find it hard to not use that one little extra thing. so i think it is awesome how she can keep them so clean and simple

The last layout for today is from bexy 
I love all the little bits of painting and ofcourse the adorable photos
and awesome little clusters 

So this whas it for today 
see you next time 
xoxox Melanie