vrijdag 1 augustus 2014

CT Stuff !! 08-01-2014

Hello all , 

Wow awesome stuff is coming this week ! But first i wanne ask you all 
dit you notice sweetshoppe has a awesome challange in the month of aug ??
It is named the shadowbox challange , you get a challange every day you can even choose out of 2 challanges . You can earn pieces of a free kit and collect points for other great prices .
You can not miss this !!

So now on to the releasses from the awesome designers i ct for 
Traci Reed has her awesome Pocket life augustus coming out 
i will work on my pages with it tomorrow i always make so many with the pocket life collection
so i saved that one for the last this week

These are just 2 pieces out of the awesome collection she has 
all kind of diffrent journaling cards - washi tape - alpha's
stickers - elements and papers .

So now on to studio flergs !
She has 2 collections coming out this week 
one is with the awesome ru from studio basic designs and named partners in crime 

They also have some add ons 
scatters - paint and journaling cards all awesome 
ofcourse i scrapped a page with it here it is 

She also has a awesome solo collection this week 
It is named let it go and it is use and so useble in many diffrence ways 

So i made to pages with it one just for one 
and one for the first shadow box challange day 

And last but not least shawna has a awesome new kit coming out 
i love all the purple and green in it ! it is named be 

And here is the page i made with it ,
it is also a page for day one of the shadow box challange 

So that is it for this week
it is the first day of my vacation so let's celebrate !!

xoxo Melanie

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