zaterdag 9 augustus 2014

Gallery Standout

Hello all , 

So here whe are with the gallery standouts from yesterday 
i had made already a list of pages i loved 
So i only had to post them today  .

I'm Such a nerd - NellahBean
I love the colors on this page they are so fun and bright 
i also love the composition from the photo,s and the silly selfie's

Fave nerds - Nikkie epperson
I love all the little word arts and titles they are so fun 
and playfull i also love the little clusters 

Eat more cake - Haydensmommy2117
Ohh men those photo's are so cute i had to put this layout in it reminds me to the times
my own boy whas just a little babby and whas eating his first cake
i also love the little clusters

Daddy and i forever - misslovescraps 
i love the photo threatment and the use of paint 
i also love the uniek style of the pages .

I mustache you a quistion - Jacinda
I love the diffrent colors in the journaling and the little 
cluster at the bottum of the page 

Bean turns 5 - kristalund
 I always love the project life pages from kristalund but i also 
love the fun in the photo's here and how they are match with the colors of the kit 
i love the elements she used 

This whas it for yesterdays gallery standouts 
i hope i can be back later tonight with the ones from today

xoxo Melanie 

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